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Why don’t you use mailto: links? Why can’t I select the text?

We have discovered that a major cause of SPAM are web crawlers that collect both FAX and email addresses off websites. We have made our contact information available to you, our friends, without giving these bots an easy way to collect information we don’t want them to have by making our contact information an image instead of text. A tip from your friends at SmartGuyz, Inc.

downtown-portland-twilightAbout SmartGuyz and ScreenCam

SmartGuyz, Inc. is a private corporation housed right here in Portland, Oregon in the good old USA. We’ve been serving you since 1996, and are pleased that our many faithful customers have come back to us for the one and only ScreenCam®. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you!

About ScreenCam: We’ve received questions about other companies claiming to offer ScreenCam®. Let’s set the record straight. There is only ONE true ScreenCam®, and that’s the one you find right here. The popularity and innovation of ScreenCam® has caused some firms to claim that they are also “Screen-Cam”-type software. Don’t be fooled. Look it up in the US Government’s Trademark website to see which is the TRUE ScreenCam®. There is only one true ScreenCam, and it’s right here and no where else. Click here to find out for yourself. Be sure to get the one and only ScreenCam® from SmartGuyz, Inc.